How to build a business in the production of artificial marble

There is always a demand for budget and high-quality building materials. And in conditions of saving citizens, it increases significantly. That’s why artificial marble has been selling well lately.

The material imitates natural stone – both in properties and in appearance. But it costs much less. The demand for artificial marble is constantly growing, and the market is not yet full.

You can even open your own workshop for the production of artificial marble from concrete in a garage. The equipment will not take up much space, and the manufacturing technology can be repeated at home. If you have enough skill and the necessary equipment, this is not difficult to cope with.

You will have to spend at least 70 thousand rubles on equipment. This amount is enough to organize a small workshop. The price of the equipment is low, but monthly costs for raw materials will be about 100 thousand rubles. A small workshop will be able to produce 1 thousand sq.m. per month. artificial marble.

With 100% sales of his products, an entrepreneur can count on a profit of 150-200 thousand rubles. Those. the initial investment can pay off in just 1-1.5 months. But this is possible if you can immediately find a wholesale buyer to sell him all the goods produced. If there are no preliminary agreements, you, as a new manufacturer, will have to solve serious problems with sales.