Quality Quality Indicators of Ceramic Brick

The Foundation Is the Most Important Part of Any Building. TheFore, The Best Materials are Chosen for Its Construction. This is Done Not only to Increase The Service Life, But Also to Ensure Security. At this stage, The Best Material for the Foundation Is a Full -Colored Brick.

Full -Bodied Bricks Exist in Two Varieties. This is Silicate and Ceramic Brick. Silicate Brick is not as durable as cramic (Sincy It Consists of Lime and Sand) and it is used to Build Walls. Its Slight Weight Contributes to this. So the Most Suitable is Ceramic Brick.

A Number of Indicators of Such Brick Is Regulated by Gost. We Contribute to the High Quality of the Material. AFTER ALL, EVEN THE SLIGHTEST (MORE THE 3 MM) Deviation in Size is A Violation of the Standard. When Choosing a Brick, Pay Attenation to the Sound that He Makes When Tapping. Ideally, This Shoup Resemblah Ringing. ALSO An Important Detail Is the Color of the Brick. Too Red Brick Speaks of Violation of Manoufacturing Technology, and Too Light – ABOUT Weak Firing. And these Violations Will Be Followed by Insufficient Frost Resistance.

Remember That The Durability of the Building Will Depend on Your Choice, As Well as Comfort in IT.