Preparation of Surface and Doorways

In all Rooms, you n, the so -soroffaces of the Walls and Ceiling, Thorough Close All the Seams, Plastered the Walls and Ceiling. NEXT, The Surface Must Be Covered with a Primer, After Which Itsessary to Smooth Outh a Continous Putty Or Grinding.

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NEXT, You Need to Arrange A SCREED of the Floor that CAN BE PERFORMED USING VAROUS MATERIALS. Alignment Can BE CARREED OUT A SIMPLE SAND-CEMENT MIXTURE, AS It is Cheap. BUT in this case there will be problems with Horizontal LEVELILING. In Addition, The Surface Will Dry At Least One Month. The Opposite Example Will Be Special Bulk Floors that Dry in a Short Time. Thus Materials Are Expensive, But for Alignment You Practically Do Not Make Efforts. In the case when it is required to install The Floor Heating, The Heating System Should BE Installed at the Stage of the Screen of the Floors.

In Addition, At this Stage of Repair, Doors are Installed. There Shoup Be Strict Accounting for the Height of the Parquet, Tiles or Laminate, Which Will Be Installed in this Room. When The Door Leaf IS Installed Smoothly and Correctly, For Convenence in Further work and Preserving the Appension of the Door, It Can Be Removed From the Loops.