How Can You Surprise Your Own Belived Woman

On the Eve of March 8, I Really Want to Pleasantly Surprises and Delight Dear and Belived Women! We Offer Lovely Men to Make Interesting and Original Little Things with Their Own Hands – Cards Decoed with Bouquets and the So -Called Magic Sticks, Complementing Alt Soler Pain INGS. Now ABOUT All this in Order ..

SO, You Shoup Start with Postcards. Of Couurse, Now a Great Many Different Congratory Carts Are Sold, Each of Which is Unusual in Its Own Way. This trout is confirmed by online gift store, how, a a rule, a Large Assortment of Such Products IS Pressented. Indeed Creative Sellers Offer Such Original Options that Eye Cannot Be Pulled. BUT YOU CAN MAKE SUCH MIRACles with your Own Hands, and In Addition – Decoate Them with Spectacular Roses. In Order to Make Such Crafts, Prepare Two Sheets of Plain Paper (Preferably White and Red). Pour gouache Paints into the Saucers (They Shoup Be as Thick as Possible) – White, Red, Pink, While Mixing The First Two.

Now let’s Start out decorations! PUT A DENSE ELASTIC BAND OF THE FEEE OF THE Beijing Cabbage So that Its Leaves Do Not Crumble. Cut The Bottom Near the Stump (Approximatly 5 CM) and Use this Head as a Stamp. For Red Paper, Take White and Pink Paints, For White – Red and Pink. Such Prints Will Be Similar to Real Roses! Please Note That They Can Decoate Postcards Both Outside and Inside. Well, it Remains only to support the Creative Messages with Congratoly Speeches!

In Winter and Early Spring, Fresh Flowers in Vases Are a Rarity! SO That The Vases Are not Empty, Prepare the Original Gifts for March 8 – Bouquets from “Magic Sticks”. To Create Them, Cook Sushi Sticks, Narrow Satin Ribbons of Two Or Colors, Glue Or Tape, Multi-Colored Feathers, Beads, ETC. P. Fasten One of the Sticks of One with Glue or Wrap it Along the Entire Length. Fasten The Other Tape and Wrap in the Opposite Direction. Below The Tape Also Fix. In the upper Parts of the Sticks Sticks, On the Central Oones – Attach Swarovski Crystals, Stars or Beads.

In Addition to EVERYTHING, Add A Highlight to the Interior of the Entire Dwelling, Increasing the Effect of Comfort and Summer Heat. To this, Hang a large picture with the iMage of a sunny day on the Wall in Front of the Bed. From Now on, When Awakening, The Beautiful Lady Will Absorb The Rays of the Sun, Which Will Flow Through Your Bright GIFT!