Satin: concept, advantages and production technology

Having been created almost a millennium ago in the Chinese state, satin quickly became popular. Bed linen is still made from satin fabric, as the material is characterized by beauty, durability, and feels pleasant on the body. You can find out more about this fabric below.

Is satin cotton or synthetic?

Satin is a completely cotton material. However, some manufacturers use a synthetic fabric called polysatin. Synthetics may look attractive before heavy use and washing, but they lack all the other benefits of cotton fabric.

Receiving technology

What kind of fabric is cotton sateen for bed linen? It looks like silk, but feels much nicer. Satin products are smooth and have a satin tint. Thanks to this, resting on satin bedding is very pleasant.

The material is made from natural cotton. For this purpose, the raw materials are processed through mercerization. This increases the strength of the material and makes it easier to paint. For dyeing, the fabric is pigmented. Pigmentation involves applying a design to fabric. Reactive staining can also be performed. This coloring ensures deep penetration of pigment elements into the fibers. The quality of such satin bed linen is so high that the accessories are not subject to fading or lose their bright color even with regular washing.