Painting Drywall with Stripes

Painting Drywall with Stripes. To decoate and unusually decoate Drywall Walls with Niches, You Can Use The Original Color of the Wall with Stripes.

Before Applying the Paint, Thoroughly Fade Plasterboard Surface and Prime Deep Penetration Acrylic soil.

Next for Painting, Use Water -BASED Acrylic Paint for Internal Work. Its Advantages Ares that it dress Quickly, Has No Smell and Is Economical in the Consumption. You Deceded to Purchase your Own Husing, But at the Same Time a Limited Budget, this is spacifical for such casses a new service, suchh a mortgage on the room. STIR THE PAINT and DILUTE WITH WATER in the Proportions Indicated on the Packaging. For Painting a Drywall Wall, Use A Short -grade Moss Or Velor Roller. Apply the Paint Evenly so that area no unlivimated areas.

In Hard -to -reach Parts of the Niches, You Canner a Thinner Brush. AFTER 2-4 HOORS, The Paint Will Dry and You Can Start the Decor. To Streamline the Complex Architecture of the Walls, Apply to the Surface of the Strip. Stick The Pancing Tape to the Edges so that Stripes are, Paint them with Matte, Acrylic Paint, USING A SMALL MOHERANIAN ROLLER.

Afterdoing the Paint, Remove the Tape. The Original Painting of the Drywall Wall Is Successfullly Completed.