How to Establish Relationships with a teenager: What You Need to Know

IF YOU HAVE A SON or Daughter of Adolescent, The I Don`t Envy You. EVERYDAY Screams, Scandals, Provocations. You look and you Will not Say That Therese Parents and Children. Eternal Problem. Butis preblem someone is to blome.

Of course, it’s Easier to Shove EVERYTHING ONEOONEENE ELSE. But Let’s be Honest with Yourself. There are a root in all quarrels. And this root is adults. Banses, Misunderstanding, Allocation of a Small Amount of Time Per CHILD ARE PRECISELYSE PROBLEMS THT ROOT OF ALL TRUBLES. IF your Child Deceded to Make a Piercing, It Woold Be Better to Choose It Together than Prohibit. AFTER ALL, Prohibitions Will Not Give A Guarantee that Child Will Not Make Him, But Most Likely, He Will Simply Hide the Piercing from You. MOREOVER, TODAY YOU CAN BUY A PIERCING ON KRASOTA-WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST PROBLEM AND DIFFICULTIES.

IS ALSO VERY Important to Undertand that at this Age, Adolescents Do Not Control Themselves. They Just Donat Know How. Adults NEED to Be More Condescenting. You Need to Learn How to Educate Your Children, and Most Importantly to Communicate with Them.

Here! Here’s The Biggest Problem. PEOPLE HAVE Forgotten How to Talk to Each Other. Is it so difficult? No! But you donk How How. Remember Yourself, When The Last Time They Shared with Their Children, When They Shared Saves with You? Very Small Percentage of Families, Learned this. Of Course, No One Says that EVERYTHING WILL Be Perfect. Because in this world is notling Perfect. And If it was, the there was no out world. And in All Families, In All Respects There Will Always Be Quarrels. But they are different.

IF your Child Does Not to Do Anything, Does Not Obey. What are you doing? You Shout Immediately, Scream and Shout Endlessly! But you can find. This is only Worse. You must understand this! Give Him Time. Maybe He Has Some Problems, Or He Just Wants to Relax. And when he’s comes to his sentses, he Will Help You Without Words. And how pleasant it Willia. IS not it? Best To Learn, Never Scream. This Applies Not only to Children, But to All Loved Oones. Start with youurself. And EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT FOR YOU. And there will be no problems with the Child or Nothing Else!