What is Japanese Cuisine: Features

Japanese Cuisine is One of the Most Difficult Kitchens of the World for Europeans. And this can be Said Not only ABOUT DISHES, BUT ALSO ABOUT THE VERY Attitude of the Japanese to Food, Selection and Combination of Products. Even Cutlery Differs Sharply from the Usual For us. Perhaps that is why japanese cuisine has gained Such Popularity Around the World.

The Basis of Most Japanese Dishes – Rice. MORE PRECISILY, A HUGE Number of Rice Varieties, Which Become Very Adhesive after Cooking, and Thefore Stick Together, Being Ready. So rice with sticks and eat! SUSHI and Rolls have Gained Special Popularity, Which You Order Specialized Restaurants with Difficulties. For Example, In the Tuk-Tuk Restaurant, A Large Selection of Sushi for Evey Taste is Pressented. IF YOU Love Rolls More, The Rolls Can Easily Choose The Most You Like.

Japan is a Relatively Small Island, So there a LOT of Sea Gifts in the Local Cuisine. Japanese Chefs Only Process Them Slightly, Or Even Serve Raw – TheFore, Fish and Seafood Always Fresh in the Japanese. The Japanese Eat Many Gifts of the Sea: Crabs, Mollusks, Squid, Caviar, Octopus, Algae and So on.

Shocking the Dish “Dancing PERCH”. They Say About this: “They Are Eaten, They look” … They Pour The Fish First with Boiling Water, The with A Sauce and – Still Lively, Beating Its Tail – They Consume Food Food.

Separatly, it is Worth Mental The Famous – Toometimes Sad – Fugu Fish. Three Dozen People Can Be Killed from One Such Fish! But IF You Cook It Correctly, There Will Be No Harm. In Order to Prepare a Fugue, Japanese Cooks Learn for a Long Time and Get a Special License. The Most Skillful of them Can Even Cook This Fish So that Very Little Poison Remains in it, and the client, Having Eaten aaten aaten aaten aaten aatreences an unpredented euphoria.

The Most Popular Japanese Dish Is Called Sushi in Many Countries. In General Terms, this is boiled rice, Which is rolled into a lump with Hands, Covered with Filling on and Tied with a Sheet of Algae of Nori. The Filling Can Serve As Fish, Shrimp, Caviar, Avocado, Apple, Cucumber, etc. D. They Serve this Dish, As a Rule, with Local Horseradish Shit, Pickled Gary Ginger and Soy Saucer.

SAKE IS ALSO Popular All Over The World – A National Alcoholic Drink, Offten Called “Rice Vodka”. Only Now, in the Fortress, Saka Is Very Inferior to Vodka – Alcohol in Its ABOUT 20%. They Cook Sake in Japan for a Very Long Time. At the Court of the Emperor, The Rice Was Chewed, Spit Into a Bowl, and this Mass Was Left To Roam. Now “Rice Vodka” is Made, of Course, Differently. For Fermentation, The Moldy Mushroom is Used. Drink Sake Both Cold and Warm.

In Conclesion – A Few Words About the Serving and Rules of Eating. Japanese Eve Eat Soups with Sticks! The Remaining Brother Just Drink. There are no changes in dishes as. EVERYONE IMMEDITELYS SERVES ON THE TABLE: SOUPS, Second Dishes, Rice, Snacks, Sake, Tea. And there is Everything at Once, Trying Little by Little from Each Bowl.