We Lay the Wooden Floor On Oour Own

Building Houses Is a Crucial Moment in People’s Lives. Any Kind of Work Can Always Be Done Independently. How to Lay Out a Wooden Floor?

FIRST of All, Weose The Direction In Which We are Going to Lay the Boards. In Order for Visually the Room Looks Longer, It is Necessary to Lay the End Side Relative to the Window. The Construction of Houses Provides for a New Method of Laying A Wooden Floor – “Deck Board”. What is it? The Chamfer is Removed from the Board with The Help of a Rubbank, Which Facilitates All the Remaining Work in the Future.

Next, We Determine the Desired Length of the Board and Decide What The Coating Is of Interest to Us. Using the Level and One of the Boars, We Make Measurements of the Room. Now We Install The Lags At a Distance of No More than 50 Centers from Each Other. After that, wefix The Special Bars for Support and Waterproofing.

It’s Time to Lay Boars. They Are Attached Using a Stubborn Board, Which Is Screded to the Lags. After the Installation of the Floor Is Over, We Fill up All the Places Where the Cracks Remained with Putty. In Conclusion, We Process The Floor with Varnish to Protect the Boars from Drying. OUR Floor Is Ready!