Revice Alreet – An Important Design Element!

When Moving to a New Apartment, The First Thing Is the Question of Repair and Design of the Internal Area. The Most Interesting Solutions Can Be Embodied in Such a Layut as a Studio Apartment with a minimum number of Walls and Partitions. A Huge Flight of Fantasy Shoup in no Case Interfer with the Function of Varius Zones of the Room, Do Not Forget ABOUT IT. And it is better to allocate EVERY CORNER of your Apartment in A SPECIAL WAY SOTTERIOR DOES not Merge Into Unattractive Spot.

Think ABOUT THE SELESTION OF THE COLORS AND Decor of the Walls, and What Is Extremely Important, The Color and Selection of Material for the Floor. It is not Necessary to Bring the Entire Lower Surface to One Color, Make It Original, If You Different Wallpaper Or Paints on the Walls, THE CAN MAKE MAKE THE CORERESPONDING Oating in These Places. Believe me, It Will Look Just Gorgeous. It is important to embhasase each zone with individual furniture, The Overall Ensemble Caner in the Same Style, But a Couple of Thinds, Such AS Painted FurnitUre HIGHH-TEC H, Will Insert It with Useful. And do not be Afraid that this Will Seem a Chance, Competent and Thumbful Accent Will Not Be Striking, But At the Same Time, IT Will BE NOTICED.

Carefully Select Decoating Interior ITEMS, They Do Not Have to Completely Harmonize with Furniture and General Design. EVEN IF You have A Bright and Dynamic Image of the Interior, Stript Black or Spots in Different Places Will Never Hurt. And the most Important Thing! HAVING MADE Repairs and Surrounding Your Studio, Please Always Get Out in the Apartment Well, Scatted Harmonize with Anything, and Your Entire Apartment IS Visible Fro M the Front Door.