LED flashlight powered by the heat of a flame: advantages and principle of operation

A small Norwegian company has created an LED flashlight that is powered by the flame of a burning candle. According to the developers, the device will help people affected by natural disasters and forced to live for some time without electricity.

Camping flashlight without batteries

The device from ThermTech uses the thermoelectric effect, which has long been known to science, to operate.

The Luminiser lantern converts the thermal energy from a regular pellet candle into powerful LED light. However, this is not just a new interpretation of the good old “kerosene stove” – such a lighting device is capable of “burning” on one “candle charge” for as long as 5-6 hours, while providing 20 times more light than one candle by itself.

To turn on the device, you simply light a candle and place it inside the built-in holder. After this, the flashlight will begin to “collect” the heat of the flame and transfer it as electrical energy to the LEDs. To turn off the light, just blow out the flame.