How to make a busy board with your own hands and some tips

Business boards – what are they and what do they look like? This is an increasingly popular playground element of the playground, along with bright walls for drawing and rocking chairs on springs in the form of animals, insects and vehicles.

All this helps to diversify and complement the playground or play area and is suitable for children of different ages – from toddlers to schoolchildren. The Russian manufacturer Hobbika makes these elements from eco-friendly materials – larch timber, Robinia logs in combination with durable and bright HDPE plastic.

Wall for drawing with numbers ARTWOOD

This is a game element that will help develop creativity, thinking, and erudition of children of different ages. Learn numbers, draw, play school – there are so many possibilities with one game element!

Busy board ARTWOOD “Professions”

This is an interactive panel that will help kids get acquainted with the most important and necessary professions in a playful way. This busy board will perfectly diversify the content of children’s playgrounds in kindergartens, schools, parks, and in the courtyards of residential buildings.