UsEful HouseHold Advice for Any Housewife

Any Housewife Can Not Do Sensible and Useful Tips on the HouseHold. Volume 10 of the Most Sensible and Most Practical Tips for Any Experienced and Novice Housewife.

1.To Flavor Air in the Apartment, You Need to Boil the Crust of the Lemon in Boiling Water for Several Minutes, Without Covering the pan with a lid. The Smell of Citrus Fruits Helps to Calm the Nervous System. Perhaps that is who it is record to eat Orange Before Visiting A Dentist Before Visiting.

2.If the is a need to Carry Out A “Capital” Washing of Kitchen Towels, A Very Simple Move Will Help: In the Evening, Soak The Towels in A WHOLE NIGHT. AFTER that, Washing Will Be More Effective. At the Same Time, For Washing, Choose Only The Best Washing Machines, Such ASKO 6444 Washing Machine, Which Perfectly Removes Things to the Fabric.

3.If, whether working with Glue “Moment”, Part of the Glue Hit the Skin, It Will Not Be Easy to Wash IT. Oordinary Margarine Will Help. L Tam Them A Contaminated Area of ​​the Skin and Wait for ABOUT 5 MINUTES. The Gently Wipe the Glue.

4.When Boiling Vegetables, You Need to Immerse Them in Boiling Water. To cook Beets Faster than Usual, Boil Its Fit For 20 Minutes, Change Water and Pour Cold AGAIN. Boil for 20 minute.

5.To Easily Clean the Young Potates from the Peel, It Must Be Dipped in Salty Cool Water for 10 Minutes.

6.When Preparing Fried Potatoes, Add Salt when the Potatoes are Almost Ready.

7.In Order for Peas and Beans to Be Cooked Quickly and Are Soft and Crumbly, You Neeed to Put LEGUMES In Cold Water for Several Houors. At the Begining of Cooking, Add a Pinch of Baking Soda to the Saucepan.

8.Potatates of some varieties in the Preparation Process Are Boiled and Even Crumbled. To avoid this, you need to add to the water wel potatoes, a Pinch of Salt, as well as vinegar are coined, in the amount of a few drops.

9.IF You Cook Beets in Slightly Acidified Water, It Will Retain Color and Elasticity.

10.If the Refrigerator “Occupied” The Unpleasant Odor, Put Several Pieces of Sugar on the Shelf, It Absorbs Smells Wells Wells.