Redevelopment of the Hallway: Useful Tips

IF You Decide to Expand the Area of ​​You Hallway Due to a Partial Transfer Or Radical Movement of the Partitions to Adjacent Rooms and Install Its Ardrobe, You Will Need to Receive A Special Resolution of the Necessary Housing Instance On a Deep Redevelopment of YouR Hallway. With this redelopment, The Old Partitions, As Well as the Walls, Are Completely Demolined and Built in Another Place, Not Registered in the Technical Passport of the Repair Room. TRANSFER WITHOUT A REDEVELOPMENT PERMIT Under the Law is A Severe Violation of Modern Housing Legislation and Offten Threatens to Charge Monetary Fine Fine From the Establisheder He Home. The Issue with Illegal Redevelopment May Arise IF You Want to Exchange Or Completly Sell Your Apartment. Thy Will Need to Legalize the Actually Implemented Redevelopment Through The Official Court Order. This Relatively Protracted Process Is Able to Take From You Up To Six Months. You will have to write a competent state of Claim to the Nerest Court with A Request to Preserv the Current Redevelopment. The Court is obliged to make it out and only the make his decision. IF YOU WANT To COMPLETY MODIFY YOUR APARTMENT, FIRST You NEED to DRAW UP THIS REDEVELOPMENT BY LAW. Contact The Distribrict Or, for Example, The City Architectural Department, Provide a List of All The Necessary Documents, and Only The Given Anviable Sanction Fu A Fu LL -scale RedEvelopment. HAVING TAKEN THE PERMISSION of the BTI, Be Sure to Make All the Required Changes to the Technical Passport. Only after the Complement of all the ABOVE Procedures Can You Start Work.