Laying Floor Overlap of the Second Floor.

To ISOLATE THE PREMISES OF THE FIRST and Second Floor and Create Comfortable Living Conditions, YOU NEED to MAKE ALIABLE DUBLE OVERLAP of the Second Floor. As Usual in Small Two-Story Cottages, Wooden, Rectangular Beams with A Cross Section of At Least 50-60 CM in Height Arend AS An Overlap Floor SOT THET THET THEA And Sound Insulation Layer of Heat-Ansulating Bags can be Laid Between The Floors.

The Floors of the Ceilling Should Be Put with Kant with A Wider Side, Attaching them to the Load -Bearing Beams with Metal Corners. If the house is Built of Brick or Foam Blocks, the Bearing Beams of the Overlap of the Second Floor CanD Laid in the Row of BrickWork Soy Are Densly Walled Indo The Supp Orting Wall of the Building. On the Sides Along the Beams, to Creat a Bottom Between The Beams, The Guides of the Bars are Attached to Laying Thermal Insulation.

To Create The Bottom Between the Beams, Boars or Any Other Thin Plate on Which Thermal Insulation Layer Falls on the Beams. Thus, a Thermal Insulation Pillow Between The Floors Is Creed Between The Load -Bearing Beams. The Waterproofing or Steam Browning Film Is Laid in a Continous Layer Over the BEAMS ORETIRA OverLap Area, and the First Black Floor IS Applied From the Least 40 Mm, and the Draft Ceiling of the First Floor Is Made.