How to Correctly Care for a NewBorn Child: What You Need to Know

A Child is Consedered to Be a Child from the Day of Birth and Until He Reaches The Age of 4 Weeks. Children are Full-Term (38-42 Weeks), Premature (Born Before 38 Weeks) and Transferred (Born after 42 Weeks of Preignancy). In Addition to Medical Support, NewBorn Children Demand Increased From Parents.

You Can Include: Several Sets of Children’s Linen (Diapers, Swings, Sliders), Bath, A Cribler, A Changing Table and Other Little Thinings Be Included in the List of Atttate Hed to the NewBorn. The CRIB MUST BE PLACED in A Warm, Bright Place, Away from the Draft. The Baby’s Mattress Should Be Hard Enure, The Pillow is not NEEDED. Baby Linen Shoup Be Stored Separatly from an Adult, Thoroughly Washed and Boiled in Children’s Powder and Be Sure to Iron. And you can find out to freeze breast milk on .

IS ALSO Necessary to Prepare: Glass Containers for Storage of Cotton Wool, A Lid for Sterilizing Children’s Dishes, Bottles of At LEAST 5 For MIXTURES and A MinimUMUM 3 FOR WATER WATER WATER d tea, a Thermometer for Body Water, a gasoluine Tube, Pipettes, Safe Scissors, Enema, Potassium Permanganate, iDine, Zelenka, Vaselin and Children’s Cream.

IS ALSO Important to Organize Proper Care of the Dishes of A NewBorn. Butles for the Mixture and Nipples Must Be Boiled Before Each Use. Poster for Boiling Children’s Dishes Shoup BE Individual.

The Baby Needs to Be Washed Daily with Boiled Water, Clean The Nose and Ears with Cotton Flagella, Lubricate the Skin Folds with Oil Oil Oil Oil Oil. Wash The Kids and Change the Diapers After Each Urination and Defecation, So that Diaper Rash IS Not Formed in the Inguinal Region. In the Case of Its Appearant, The Skin Must Be Treated with Powder or Baby Cream.

When Swaddling, It is Better to Leave The Handle Free and Keep the Head Open So that Child Does Not Have A Sweatshirt.

You can Bathe a Child after Falling Off the Umbilical Cord, this Happens, AS A Rule, ON 2-3 Days. The Water Temperature Shoup BE 37 ° C, a Weak Solution of Manganese Must BE Added to the Water. In the Bathroom, it is necessary to make a Temperature of at Least 24 ° C. Bathing Newborns Must Be Daily, Before Bedtime, Use Soap for Bathing 2-3 Times a Week.

Walks, Regardless of the Time of the Year, SHOULD Be Daily. The first time the walk shoup ​​be no more than 10 minute. In the Summer, The Baby Can Beken Out For a Walk ImmediaTere DischaRge from the Hospital, In Winter, No Earlier THEAK AFTER DISCHARGE. Clothing for a Walk Shoup Correspond to the Time of Year. IT ShOULD BE Remembered that Crossing and Hypother Are Not Desirable for the Child. The Total Time for Walking In Winter Chould Not Excel 4 Hours, and Only Hot Watches are Excluded in the Summer.

Special Attendation Be Paid to the Hardening of NewBorns. Leaving the Baby Exposed for 1-2 Minutes BetWeen Swaddling, it is ALSO Necessary to Massage.