Parquet House in Your House

Parquet Is One of the Main Products in the Production of Flooring. Due to Its Natural Beauty and Durabiley, The Parquet Has Been in Demand for Many Centuries. Strong Wooden Floors Give Life Beauty and Your House of Solidity.

PARQUET IS MADE of Solid Wood, Such as Beech, Oak, Birch, Nut, Maple, Pine and Others. Nowadays, A Collection of Boars Can Consist of Combining Diffferent Wood in a Single Whole. A Selection of Drawing and Texture of Wood Will Emphasize the Individual Style of the Interior of Your Home. Parquet CanD Laid Both in a Checkerboard Pattern and in the Form of a “Christmas Tree”, Depending on Your Taste.

NATURALNESS AND ENVIRONMENTAL PURITY OF DERIVATives of PARQUET ARE UNSURPASSED DIGNITY in Its Acquisition. It is an obvious Plus and it is not potor resistance to moisture, Which Still Should Not Be Diluted.

BUTH all the attractivence of the Parquet, Do Not Forget ABOT ABOS MINOR DISADINTAGES, WHICH CONSIST in Its Weakness to Mechanical Damage (The Lacquered Surface Can Easily Be JURED by Acute Objects or Blows) and a Large “Dislike” to Pollution. But The Fact that ae Parquet Board Can Be Returned to the Previous Type by Cycle, It Takes This Shortage to the BackRound.

Proper Care for Your Floor Covering Will Extend The Parquet with A Lifetime and Will Help Keep it in Excellent Condition.