Before Laying a laminate, it is Necessary to Learn Saveral Lessons.

This Process Is Quite Simple, But Provided that Basic Requirements are Fulfilled.

First you need to decide on the location of the panels. It is to play them in such a way that is drowing is on the same Parallels with SunLight. Their Direction Shoup Also Coincide. Otherwise, The Joints Will Be Very Noticeable.

There are Two Main Methods of Laying Laminate. The first provides for Fastening Panels for Glue. In the Second Case, Locks that area located on each panel are used as compound.

IF the Method of Fastening USing Locks is Chosen, The Here You have to Decide Which Locks to Chuose. There are Two Types of Castles. The First Has a Colpsible Mechanism, and the Second Has a Name-a Lock with Latches. The first option has much more Cost, Due to Its Practicality. In Case of Repair of the Flooring, You Can Remove Any Panel Without Damaging the Locks and Neighboring Strips. In the Same Way, Replace this panel with a new. The Second Version of Castles is Consedered a Budget Option. SINCE THE POSSIBILITES of Processing these Panels are limited and the Quality of the Mount Iself Is.