Partitions from Gypsum Plates Are Much Easier and Easier to Install.

During the Construction of the Partition in 1m2, Only Three Such Plates Are Used. IT ShOULD Be BORNE in Mind that the Are Completely Environmentilly Friendly and FireProof. Partitions from Gypsum Plates Are Limited in Height Not More than 3.6m and in Length – 6m. Such Plates Are Very Simply Sawed with A Convention Hacksaw with A Wide Canvas Orwas An Electrician. By the Way, Do Not Forget to Install Protective Rollings, They Are now Very Popular.

The Laying Process Is Very Simple, Gypsum Blocks Are Put ON Each OTER, And the Installation is Carried Out, Observing the Vertical and Horizontal Series. To this, uce a gypspes Solution or Mounting Glue At a Gypsum Base. The Seams Between The Blocks are Filled with these Materials and They ALSO Used On the Finished Surface For Rubbing. The plates are put in a run, the angles of the partitions to avoid damage are strengthened with the help of perforated protective corners, they are shed and packed with mounting glue. With High Door Openings, They Need to Be Covered with Racks that Will Rest on the Ceiling. With Low Openings, The Box IS Installed Before the Installation of the Partition. The Partition is Usoally Built to the Ceilling At a Distance of 1-2 CM, and the Gap Is Filled with Mounting Glue.