Free Space

Architects of the Geneto Studio (Japan) Creed a Project of An Apartment in Which a Clean, Bright Free Space Prevails. The Design of the Apartment Provides for the Location of All Functional Objects Around the Perimeter of the Rooms, But from the Eyes of the Eybitants They Arma Hidden Using Stritict Sliding Panels in a Minimalist Spirit. Behind The Panels with A Voluminous Geometric Pattern Are a Kitchen, A Study and System for Storing Things. SINCE THE APARTMENT IS LOCATED in A Multi -Storey Residential Building and Has Anrea of ​​Only 45 Square Meters, The Architects Did Not Have the Conduct Bold Experimiment S in it. TheFore, with Their Main Task, They Consedered the Arrangement of a Free, But Quite Function and Universal Space that its inhabitans Would Like. The Layout Provides that Rooms that Freed from the Usual HouseHold items Will Subsequently Fill Up with Varius Decoating Elements, For Example, Magic Ball 8, Objects OFAS Cozy Interior. Residents of the Apartment Are Given the Opportunity to Decoate the Space with White and Black Panels of Any Shades and Their Favorite Gizmos. Fusum Sliding Systems in Japan Are Traditional for Living Space. This interior element is a wooden frame pasted on Both sides with a special puper with a pattern (Usually, this is an image of japanese Gardens, Blooming Sakura or Geeisha with A Fan). The Frame Slides Through Special Groives and is Designed to Divide the Room Into Separate Zones. However, The Architects Deceded to Create Such a Variation of the Fusuma Design that COULD FITOMIRIOR STYLE, While Present the Japanese Theme. The “Grooves” On the Panels Symbolize the Outlines of the Mountains and the Horizon of the Country of the Ring Sun.