Laying a Set of Mosaic Parquet.

A set Parquet Is Glood to a Flat, Thoroughhly Prepared Base. This Basis Can Be a Cement Screen, Chipboard Or Wood.

Mosaic Settings Carpet there Are A Variety of Sizeses. This Ensures The Choice of the Desired Size, Reduces the Consumption of the Material and Greatly Facilitates the Work. IF YOU Do Not Know to Make The Floors in the Garage Solid, The Advise You to Follow The Link Given.

They Are Attached with Special Synthetic Glue Or Mastic.

Start Work from the Wall is More Convenent. Two 3 OR 4 Meter Rails Are Laid Perpendicularly Along Two, Opposite Front Door, Walls. They Ar Glood to the Floor or Attached to the Wall.

THEN, Along the Entire Length of the Long Wall, The Lighthouse is Laid Out. The Shield is Besieged Close to the Rake with a kiyanka. Then go to the short side. In the Same Order, The Following Shields Are Laid.

For the Flooring from the Axal Lighthouse Row, A Mutually Perpendicular Cords Are Pulled Over the Central Point of the Room. THEN, At the Intervance Point of the Cords, The Angles of the 4 Adjacent Arle Connected Or Central Shield Is Placed. THEN, AFTER HARDENING, Mastic Continues to Lay Other Carpets.

Glue and Mastic Harden About 2-4 Days. Further, The Film Is Removed from the Laid Carpets and the Rails Are Removed. The Gaps Between The Parquet Carpet and the Walls Are Covered with Skirting Boards. The Final Stage Is the Grinding of Parquet and Painting with Waterproof Parquet Varnish in 2-3 Layers.