A glass unit with nanomagnetic liquid accumulates heat

German scientists have presented a prototype of glass that can dim and heat rooms. Smart glass will go on sale in the near future and will be introduced into building facades.

Solar thermal collector in a double glazed window

Up to 40% of all energy costs in the EU go to heating, cooling, air conditioning and lighting of buildings. One of the solutions that allows you to save a lot of money is the project of energy-efficient window glass. This is achieved by introducing a special liquid into the glass. The window allows you to darken the glass using a button, and its surface at this time collects the thermal energy of the sun’s rays. In this case, the windows do not require an electrical connection.

In the latest prototypes, iron nanoparticles are added to the liquid, depending on the amount of which it acquires different shades of gray or even becomes black. As a result, lighting can be controlled and solar heat can be collected, which can then be used for heating. Magnetic processing of metal particles occurs in a separate tank.