To Make Female Skin “Pleasant to the Touch” is the Goal of All Cosmetic Salons.

BUT SO that Girls and Women Canen Monitor the Skin of the Face, You Need To Find Out Her Type. Knowing the Type of Skin, You Will Not Use Cosmetics That Does Not Suit You.

You can always see by the face How a Person Feels – Either He Has a Great Mood, Or He Has Small Problems with He Cannot Cope At this Stage AT THIS. Each of US Wants HIS Face to look Whathout a Single Flaw, So Make Different Masks and Sople of Times a Week, Not Even Suspecting That All this Cosmetics are not Suitable for for for for. In Order for High -quality Professional Cosmetics to Give the Desired Results, Pay Attenation To YouR Skin Type and Cosmetics for Which Type of Skin Do You.

Different Types of Skin Have Their Own Good and Bad Sides. To understand what kind of skin you have, you can go to the nearest cosmetic interior and there you will determine your type in a few minutes and tell you how to properly care for your face. Or you can suurrender to your hand -made Literature Or Sit on Your Computer and Read on the Internet. A Little ABOUT SOME SKIN TYPES.

Normal Skin

This is a smooth, delicate and Silky Skin. This is a raather rare type. Most Offen, these Are Young Girls. In this type, use Light, Nutritious Creams.

Dry Skin

With Proper Care, The Skin Has a Pinkish Color, But Its Worth Dowing Wrong-And it Begins to Tighten, Peel Off and Deliver the Senscomfort. IF YOU Do Not Care for the Skin, The Problems Associated with Rashes Or Oily Shine Will Begin. It is better to Care for Such A Face, Wiping it with Oil Or Milk.

Oilyy Skin

How to Recognize: Fatty Luster, Expansion of Pores, Constant Inflammatory Process. All this can appar, Both at the Genetic LEVEL and FROM MALNUTRITRE.

Sensitive Skin

It is quite dry by Nature, Since The Sebaceous Glands Emmit Little Fat. With this type of skin, Never use peeling to Cleanse.