Painting A Wooden House

The Simplest Method of EXTERNAL DECORATION OF A Wooden House CanDered Painting. To Implement it, You have to Carry Out Quite a Lot of Different Procedures. And in this case, you need to start with the pre -Preparation of the Walls of the Home. It consists in the fact that will is Well Cleaned with A Brush, and If Necessary – Grinds.

Next, You Need to View the Walls for the Pressence of Cracks. Run they Are Found, They Need to be removed. To this, you can use Carpentry Glue or Better – Putty Made on Its Basis. ALSO, The Preparatory Stage Is the Priming of the Wood, Which is Required to Fill the Pores of this Material. Recently, a Half -Dry Floor Screen Has Been Offten Carried Out the Price of Specialists for this Service Average.

It is ALSO Necessary to Take Into Account The Fact that Tree Should Behold Protected From Moisture, Insects and Fire. TheFore, You Need to Cover the Walls with Antiseptics and Antipyrens. But You can also use spacial Paint, in Which There ALREADY All these Substances. Thanks to them, you can do good work.

Painting Wooden Walls Is Best in Two Layers. IF Possible, You Shoup Use A Roller, Althrow Still A Wooden House Fromple, Logs Can Only Be Painted with a Brush. But the Timber House Has Smooth Walls, Due to Which Its Much Easier to Cover with the Help of a Roller, AS ASULT, SAVING TIME and Effort.