Plus and minus cement tile

CEMENT TILES ARE NOTRY POPULAR BULDING MATERIAL in the Construction Market, BUT All Due to the Fact that Few People Know Its Characteristics. By the Way, The Mosquito Season Is Approaching, So You Shoup ABOUT THE PURCHASE OF MOSKUITO NESTS FOR PLASTIC WINDES.

In Order to Make Cement Tiles, Quartz Sand and Portland Cement are Taken. Thus Materials Make a Mixture to Which Water and Natural Dyes Are Adeded. These Components Make The Tiles Very Strong and Beautiful in Appension. Do Not Forget that Cement Tile is Available for the Price. And Very Huge Plus is that this Material Has Good Wear Resistance. This Material is Also Painted in Three Layers, Which Makes It More Wear -Resistant.

Color Gama in Cement Tiles IS Large, and Its Shape Can Be Different. TheFore, It is Very Difficult for a Person to Make a Choice. And Very Big Plus of this Building Material is that it is frost -resistant. But do not forget that it will Last You About a Hundred Years. Mosses and Algae are not Terrible for this Building Material.

A Very Big Minus of this Material is that it has not a Little Weight. Because of this, you need to make a very high-Quality roof for her. But do not forget it is recummeded to settle this tile on a roof with a slope of twenty to sixty degrees.