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In the Rhythm of the Twenty -first Century, We are Increasingly Faced with the Ability to Increase the Functional of Things.

We are not surpred by Objects, Two, Or Even Three in One (Shampoo + Shower Gel, Shampoo + Hair Air Conditioning Powder + Air Condition Or Linen Balms + System Prootestion System, Shorts + Pants and Much More).

This Innovation Is Enjoyed by Manufacturers of Consumer Goods. In this article, you can get acquainted with the main adowstages of a towel, as well as what to -pais attend tohes.

A pound Towel is an innovation or marketing move

Such A Concept As awmill Has Appedared Not So Long Ago, But Its Not Worth IT with A Novelty, For the Most Part Its a Large Towel.

In Order to Distinguish Between The Dimensional Line of Towels as the Came Up with the Name:

30×30 – a napkin, or a mochry towel for home needs,

35×70 – Facial Towel,

50×70 – Hands or Legs Towel,

50×100 – Training Towel (Fitness, Pool),

70×140 – A Towel for a Bath or Shower,

150×100 – Plaid Towel, They Arend for Foring for Deck Chair.

How to Choose a Towel-Gun

Before Buying a Pack of Shell, You Need to find out for youself for What Purpose You Want to Purchase it. The Most Popular Are: For Independent Use, A Gift To a Friend (Colleague, Relative), Or for the Company (To the Organization, Employer). Having Determined the Goal, You Will Definitely Know The Limit of Funds and the Necessary Quality.

Materials used in the manufacture

Natural Materials


Cotton or Terry,



The Cost of Such Products is not Cheap, But the Quality Is Excellent. The Main Characteristics are Also on Top – Excellent Absorption, Softness, Good Wear Resistance and Hypoalergenic.

Not Natural Materials

This is a well -known synthetics. ITS Cost Is Much Lower That of Towels Made of Natural Materials. She Absorbs Poorly, and her service life is a year with intensave use. After this Time, The Colors Burn Out, The Threads Begin To Creep and the Holes Appear.

How to Distinguish Synthetics from Natural Materials?

SOME ManUFACTURERS, In ORDER To Save Money, Add Synthetics in Natural Products, and Indicate 100 % Cotton on the Label. How Not to Get Into a Mess, Purchacing Goods. The Easiest Way to Determine the Quality and Composition is to Touch The Shell Towel, If When Compressing it Makes a Crunch, Respectively, There Is Syntics in the CompoSition. Do Not Let Yourself Be Deceved, Purchase Quality Products!