Partition As a Way of Separating Space.

UNFORTUNATELY, Due to Material Difficulties, Most Families Cannot Afford to Purchase Spacious Housing Housing Woold Be Enough Space for EVERYONE. TheFore, The Action is Relevant To Divide The Space Into Functional Zones. SINCE You Started Repairs, Come to it with Practical Solutions. One of the Most Effective Methods for Separating Space Was the Use of A Crossroads. Thanks to Drywall, there is no Need to Build Brick Walls. Let’s Try to Make a Plasterboard Partition, for this Weed to Fix The Uv Profile Throughhout the Contour. Follow The Correct Placement of Profile by LEVEL. Further in the Middle of the Installed Frame, with a Frequency of 30 Centers, We Mount CV Profile. InSide, This Design is Attached to Small Screws, and To the Supporting Structures: Gender, Ceiling, Depending on What the Are Made of From. The Drywall Sheets are Attached to the Finished Profile with a 2.5 Millimeter Length of the Screws, You Will Need Them, ABOUT FIFTY PIECES, BASED ONE SHEET OF DRYWALL. To Measure and Prepare the Required Size Plasterboard Sheets, You Can Use a Hacksaw Or Mounting Knife.