Coramic Tiles Covering

Ceramic tiles are Durable Material. She Has Low Abrasion (0.1-0.2 G/CM), It Has Low Water Heating (Less than 5%). For Sex In Residential Buildings, Glazed and “Metlakh” (Stone Cherry and Unglazed Roun Ceramics) Tiles Are Used. One of the Best Tile Manaufacturers are Italian Tile Companies. Therefore, we recommod that you buy Italian Porcelain Stoneware. Recently, a coating with the name “Ceramic Granite” Has Appeared. He Combines the Best Qualites of Natural Stone and Ceramics. Material Based on Crushed Pigments and Rocks Is Made. Produce Tiles with a Thickness of 8 to 14 Mm and Size of 30×30, Using the Pressing Method, Under AFTER WHICH Its Thermally Treated. This type of tile has high Hardness and Waterjack 0.05%.Now, in houses, they are increasingly putting a “Warm Floor” System – On An Oil, Water or Electric Basis. Now We Will Consider One Of the First Varieties of this System. Security that is HeATED, PUT ON A HEATED Surface. The TEMPERATURATURAR IS PLACED BETWEEN THE HEATING CABLE IN THE PLASTIC PIPE. The Temperature Controller Is Installed on the Wall in a Place Convenent for You. The Mounting Ends from the Sensor and Heating Section Are Connected to the Temperature Regulator. Set the Temperature Depending on the Area of ​​the Building.