Using an Android Robot to Install Drywall

Japanese scientists have developed a robotic device that can perform a variety of construction tasks, such as installing drywall.

The humanoid robot, named HRP-5P, is endowed with many abilities. The robot uses many cameras and sensors that analyze its surroundings, detecting objects and obstacles.

The robot’s AI can plan its actions depending on the situation and the tasks assigned to it. In the video, the HRP-5P carefully picks up a sheet of drywall, places it on the wall, and nails it to the beams with a nail gun. And he copes with it quite well.

And although the robot is still slow and clumsy, the creators are confident that it will be able to complete its tasks much faster. The HRP-5P and its modifications are expected to appear on construction sites, shipyards and aircraft factories. It is quite mobile and will be able to work in places where it is difficult to place a larger industrial robot.

The fact is that the problem of population aging is quite acute in Japan. There is a shortage of professional construction workers, and constantly declining birth rates leave no reason for optimism in terms of solving this problem.