Mushroom mycelium as building insulation

The unique thermal insulation material is a by-product of growing a special type of mushroom. It is completely environmentally friendly, containing no hydrocarbons, formaldehyde or any potentially harmful volatile organic compounds.

Eco-friendly plant insulation of the future

Mushroom mycelium, the white vegetative strands of a mushroom, as it grows, creates a structure strong enough to withstand typical construction loads.

At first there were many problems, since I had to experiment with different varieties of mycelium and substrates. Soon it was possible to create a porous material that can be used as a replacement for polymers in shipping packaging.

Mushroom mycelium can be grown in a mold or inside a wall cavity, and the process takes no more than three days. Then, within another month, the mushroom isolation dries naturally and goes into a dormant state. The mushrooms themselves (fruits), which may grow due to some errors in the construction process, before they produce spores, can be easily trimmed with a knife.