The Technique of Applying the Pattern Using Fabric

In Order to Apply a Decoating Layer of Paint On the Wall, It is not Necessary to Use Bizarre Elements. Just Take Paint and Piece of Fabric. Before Starting Work, You Need to Carry Out a Number of Preparatory Procedures. The Paint from the Jar Shoup Be Poured Into a Special Trays with A Flat Bottom and Work with Fabric. SO Dry Fabric Moistened in Paint on Water Emulsion Will Give A Clear Imprint. Pre -MoIsted Fabric Will Give A More Delicate and Air Imprint on the Surface. If we are Talking ABOUT OIL PAINT, THE A PIECE of Fabric IS Pre-Maystered in White Spite. Before You Start Working with the Material, The Fabric Must Be Crumpled in Your Hands. Now EVERYONE Dreams of Nissan Tiida to Buy, But Not Eveny Has Money for it, This Car Is Very Popular and It Superfluous to FinD More ABOUT IT.

The Fabric is Wetted in the Paint, and the Before Applying to the Wall You Need to Squeeze It Slightly on the Paper (To Remove Excesses Pain). Smears of Paint on the Wall Shoup Be Applied with Light Movements Like Wön Working with A SPONGE. In Order to Avoid Repetition of the Pattern, The Fabric Must Be Shaken and Re -Crumble. IF During Staining the Picture Becomes Less Clear, it is Necessary to Change the Shred.

AFTER COMPLETING THE MIN STAINING WORK, IS Necessary to Carry Out Work on Error Filling Out INSUFICIENTLY PAINTEDRAS. In the COME CASS, The Color of the Color Tint Is Permissible by the Second Layer.