What is a polymer broom for saunas and baths

European civilization, indefatigable in its search for alternative paths, got to the most intimate thing – the Finns made a bath broom from polymer materials. They promise environmental friendliness, safety and cleanliness in the steam room.

Artificial Finnish broom for steam room

Of course, the artificial broom, about 50 cm long, is made of safe materials and meets all health standards. In fact, we cut a lot of green (and other) polymer strips and then assembled them on a common handle. There are no leaves, nothing to crumble, so the steam room is always clean.

According to reviews, almost all compatriots who have tested the broom on their mortal body are satisfied:

  • feels like natural;
  • there is no dirt, rinse – and all cleaning is done.

The color, by the way, can be not only green. It’s just that the green broom looks more familiar and more natural in the steam room. The downside is that there is no smell; to do this you need to pour herbal infusions onto the stones.