Tiles: Cut It Correctly

Observing Certain Rules, You Can Cut The Tiles with A Simple Roller Glass Cutter. The Surface on Which You Will Cut The Tiles Shoup Not Be Slippery and Smooth. Use New Glass Cutter Or in Cases Tile Cutter.

Retreat from the Edge of the Tile of 8-10 Mm and Draw the Line with Glass Cutter. Press The Tool Evenly When Rolling it from Edge to Edge. There is shoup ​​be a clar even deepening.

For Thick Tiles, it is to uce tile Cutter. Its Advantage is that this model has a bad -in -ruler, with its help to make markings easier, it will be more procise. A Simple Pressing of the Tile Cutter Will Break The Tile Along the Drawn Line. But it is necessary to accuraly put the tile in the breaking mechanism.

IF You Cut The Tile Manully, Put a Match Under the Cut Line. If the Groove Left by the Glass Cutter Is Deep En feing, then a Slight blah Will Break the Tiles.

Cutting tiles is not so difficult. Great Result in this Case CAN BE ACHIEVED if the IS A HOOD TOOL and CERTAIN SKills. TheFore, it is Necessary to PURCHASE A Tile Cut and Practice on Unnecessary Old Materials.