New robotics museum built by robots

The competition announced by the government of the South Korean capital involves the creation of the world’s first robotics science museum (RSM) by 2022. The main goal of the museum will be to increase interest in robotics among the country’s population, especially among schoolchildren.

The museum will include almost all the latest developments in the field of robots, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, as well as other advanced technologies.

According to the basic concept, the exhibition process will begin at the construction stage of the museum and only robots will take part in it: from design to construction and subsequent maintenance.

A team of robots will assemble the metal façade using a building information modeling (BIM) system. Robots will have to independently shape, assemble, weld and polish metal plates. Another team of robots will print 3D concrete for the surrounding landscape. In other words, the museum will begin its first exhibition with its own construction.