Technological Lines for Molding Panels

When Reconsting on Many DSC, Technological Lines for Molding the Internal Walls Ares are Together with the Lines for Molding The Cealings.

The Widest Application in the Furniture Industry Has Receved a Matte Varnish, Which Gives the Surface Accenta, Emphasizing the Natural Beauty of Wood. There are Several Types of Matte Varnish, TheFore, When Making a Choice, Its Necessary to Take Into Account the Conditions of Paints and Future Aesthes Requirements for the Su. rface.

The Reconstruation of Flowing-Aggregate Lines for Molding the Panels of the Internal Walls Does Not Fundamentelly Differ From The Corresponding Lines For Forming The Panels of the External Walls S, But Their Technological Solution Due to Design Differences Between Products Is Much Easier. When Forming the Panels of the Internet Walls, Less Technological Operations are Performed, Which, with a Given Mode, Allows Them To Combine Them and Thereby Reduce the Number of Poste S on the Line.

The Smaller Thickness of the Panels of the Internal Walls Makes It Possible to Lay More Shapes in Packages Then Heat Processing the Extendal Walls. Reducing the Number of Working Posts and Packages of Thermoform, In Turn, Creates The Savings of Production Facilits of the Molding Workshops. In Addition, Less Finishing Work Is Required to Process Panels of Internal Walls, Which Allows Only Aspical Finishing Unit Institute of a Finishing Convery.