Natural Pearl Jewelry Are Consedered Very Noble.

That is who the Are Preferred by Empresses, The First Ladies, Queens of Fashion. This is a procious stone of high light and you need to be able to Choose and Wear it correctly.

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Notesyone Knows that are Several Types of Pearl Necklaces of Diffferent Lengths and Different Wear Time. For Example, Choker is a Classic Necklace Under the Neck, Which Lies Tight at the Base of the Neck (Length 35-40 CM). The Collar-A Necklace of One or Several Threads, Is Worn High on the Neck, and it was fascionable somewhere in the victorian era (Length 30 CM). Princess or “Principle” – a Pearl Necklace that is Perfect for Daily Socks; ComFortably Lies Just Below The Neck and Can BE Worn with A Suspension (Length 43-48 CM). Morning Necklace or Matinee – Dresses for Semi -Official Meetings; The Lower Edge Shoup Touch The Dress of the Dress (Length 50-60 CM). Opera – Beads that area Best Dressed in Social Techniques, Banquets and Other Official Events; This type of Pearl Necklaces IS Characterized by Larger Beads (Length Up TO 90 CM). The Rope or Rope is the Last and Most Common Type of Pearl Beads that Can BEAPED Around the Neck Or Even Tied with A Knot; Suitable for Constant Wear (Length of More than 90 CM).

In Etique, The Older than a Woman – The Larger the Pearls in Her Beads. SO Small Pearls with A Diameter of 5.5 mm area work by Very Young Girls. At 25-35, You can alread chooose pearls up to 8 mm. Pearl of 8.5-9 mm is suitable for More Mature Women 35-45 Years Old. Larger Pearls Only for Women of High Status, Which, By Material Position, Can Afford this.

As for the color of the skin, the you need to rely on your needs. IF YOU HAVE DARK SKIN, The Pearls Will Make It Visually Longer and Will Shake it Even Larger. He Will Make Pale Skin Aristocratic.

Without Proper Care, Your Pearl Decoration Will Become Dull and Ugly. NEVER Store It with Other Jewelry, BecAuse Pearls Can BE Rubbed Or Even Scratched. Do Not Dress Pearls Immedly After Applying the Cream to the Skin, Only After 10 Minutes So that Cream is Absorbed. IS Impossible to Clean Pearls with Chemicals, Only with A Weak Soap Solution. Wipe and Dry the Decoration After Washing.

Any Jewelry from Pearls Are Consedered Perfect, Because it is a Very Elegant and Beautiful Stone, Sitable for Almost Avy Clothing and Going to Almost Everone Withaout Excervation. Whather it is a Thin Bracelet or Earrings, They Will Look Like a Fir.