Currently Prefer Developers at Home to Build One -story with An Attic Floor.

The Space Differs in the Attic with Mowed Ceiling, But with The Correct Arrangement of Furniture, The House Does Not Lose. The Attic Roof Performed is Complicated, As it is Both a Roof and A Wall. A double Load is on her. You Especially Need to Take Care of the Ventilation, Insulation System. The Distance Between The Roofing and WaterprooproProProProoproProoping ShOULD BE 25-50 MM. Circulation and Basalt Wool Provide The Desired Ventilation and Good Drying of the Insulation. The Second Gap Iso Made Between Vapor Barrier and Lining, So As Not to Damage Thermal Insulation The Installation of Communications. By the Way, Now they Offen Put Out the Purchase of Artificial Skin, BecAuse Its Very Appreciated.

During the Construction of the Attic, It is Necessary to Take into Account the Nature of the Inclination of Raffter Structures. It Reduces The Floor Area. Light on the Attic Enters The Attic Window. It is an element of the room and is installed on the slopes of the roof. IT Can BE Vertical and Inclined. The Window SHOULD BE IMPACT -Resistant, SINCE EXTERNAL FACTORS AFFECT IT. In the Attic Its Necessary to Provide Good Lighting. You can Also Provide for the Audithory Window, Which Will Give Noty Additional Light, But Also An Attractive Look.