Cartridges for Installation of Building Structures

Today in Construction and Repair, Products Such AS Installation Cartridges are Offten Used Very Offten. In Fact, Mounting Cartridges are Idle Cartridges that are used to chamber Special Construction Pistrib. Sometimes Its Simply Impossible to Do Without A Mounting Cartridge, When it is Necessary to Score A Day Metal Fastener in the Most Dense Materials, South AS Concrete, Metalord Hig H –quality Brick.

Modern Options for Mounting Cartridges Contain A Capsel, Which is Charge with Smokeless GunPowder. USULLLY MUUNTING CARTRIDGES HAVE HOOKED TIPS. During Installation, The Shock Mechanism of the Construction Pistol Hits The Sleeeve and AS ASULT of A SLIGHT IGNITION, Instant CLOGGINGINGINGINGINGING Material OCCURS.

The Flammable Mixture is Kept in Mounting Cartridges with Special Wads. SUCH WADS HAVE A PRESSED GUNPOWDER. The Substances Used As An Igniting Composition Do Not Contain Any Substances Harmful to Human Health. TheFore, Cartridges for the Installation of Building Structures Can BE Ussed Buildwing.

IDLE CARTRIDGES ARED in Direct Installation of Structures. Attach Cartridges Can BE Consedered Quite Innovative Materials, Despite the Fact that Hav Long Been UsstRuations. At the Same Time, The Power of Such Cartridges Is Slichtly Different and is Determined by Special Color Designations.