Playing Ceilling Wallpaper Technique

In Order to Glue The Wallpaper to the Ceiling, The Glue Shoup Be AppLied in the Same Way as Wall Wallpaper, from the Center to the Edges. It is Necessary to Ensure that is disistribute along the entire Length of the Sheet Evenly. A Segment of Wallpaper, Smehed with Glue, Must Be Folded in Half and Leave For Several Minutes. This is necessary in Order for the Glue to Be Absorbed Into the Wallpaper. Another Way of Assembling Wallpaper Can Be Calley Called “Accordion”, For this, Wallpaper Is Collected According to the Principle of Accordion, Most Importantly, THET THE CREASAS ES Are not Formed On Them. This Assembly Method Allows You to More Comfortably Overwhelm the Ceilling with Willpaper. It is Important Not to Overexpose The Wallpaper in A Folded State, Excessive Impregnation with Glue Negatively Affect the Quality of the Wallpaper. House of Leda “Leda” Offers You His Services.

Before Starting to Glue, You Must Make Sure that All the Necessary Tools Are at Hand. You need to have a soft roller or rag with you. They Will Come in Handy in Order to Lee Wallpaper on the Ceiling.

In the Process of Gluing, You Shoup Monitor the Wallpaper So that Do Not Break. An Ideal Option Will Be the Opportunity to Hold the Not Yet Glueed Part of the Canvas. After all the Wallpaper Turns Out to Be Glood, They Must Be Thoroughs Smooth Out there are no air under them, Otherwise after the.