Installation of Fire Doors in the Apartment

One of the Most Importers When Buying or Apartment Is the Level of Housing Security. At the Same Time, this is not only ABOUT PrOTENSTION AGAINST HACKING, BUT ALSO ABOUT FIRE Protection. For this Purpose, it is recommoded to Install Special Fire Doors.

In the Process of Manoufactoring the Door, It is Tisheds Strength In Special Laboratories. The Best Door Canist the Fire for No More than 2 Hours. This is quite enunch to hold out until the Fire Engine Arrives. Otherwise, EVERYTHING WILL JUST Burn OUT THE DOOR DURING THIS TIME.

The Price of Such Doors Directly Dependes on the Confrontation Time. Given The Fact that Room Burns in 15 Minutes, The Refractory Door Must Restrain the Fire for At Least 30 Minutes.

ALSO, The Door Shoup Open Well from the Outside from the Key, and from the side of the room from the handle. The Pen is Necessary for the Fact that During the Fire Its Easy to Leave The Room Without Panic.

Do not install The Door Yourself. This work shoup ​​be done by a license company that Sells You doors. Such Doors do not Require Special Care and Are Easy to Maintain. Just Wipe The Dust from it – and that’s it.