Preparation of the Base for Laying Tiles

Currently, Installation of All Kinds of Tiles Are Attached USING MIXTAINING GLUE. One of Features of Such Mixtures is the Fact That Their Use Involves The Adhesive Layer of a Rather Small Thickness. This Phenomenon Leads to a Thorough Preliminary Preparation of the Surface. One of the Preparations is the Use of A Mixture for Plaster. The Main Condition for the Use of the Leveling Plaster Mix Is Alls of Fatty, Dust and Mud deposits.

In Addition, it is Necessary to Clarify How Even The Wall is. To do this, it is convenent to us a two -meter level. With Its Help, You can Also Control How Vertical the Wall. Construction Norms Allow A Deviation of Verticality Not More than 5 Mm Per 2 Meters of Wall. To Increase the Degree of Adhesion of the Tiles with the Wall, it is advisable to pre -pr dobl. In Addition, You Need to Think ABOUT Protecting the Glue Connection from Moisture, The Excess of Which IS Possible in Some Rooms. To this, an Additional Layer Is Applied to the First Dried Layer of the Primer. As a Rule, it is made from a special primer, Which Has the Properties of Waterproofing.

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