DIY Foundation Construction.

We Make the Alignment of the Surface of the Earth, Were The Foundation for the Garage Will BE POURED in the FUTURE. We Make Markings with Wooden Pegs in the Corners of the Founement and Pull On a Nylon Thread Or Lace to See Will Be Necessary to Dig Out a Trench Under the Filling of The Foundation.

We Dig a Trench with a Depth of 60-70 CM, And 50 CM Wide, this Foundation Size Allows You tohestand the Usual Weight of the Garage for One Car and in the Future Its Le to Add Additional Weight to the Foundation of The Garage.

When Kneading the Solution, Add Cement 500 and Small Crushed Stone, These Components Will Betray the Finishedon with A Peculiar Viscosity and Fluidity of the. When The Trench Is Alread Dug Up Under the Filling of the Foundation, We Proced to Fill The Solution. FIRST, POUR A Solution of 30 Cm with a Dug Trench with A Solution, Align The Surface with a Trowel to Eliminate the Slides and Pits.

We Set Up a Reinforced Wire to the Surface of the Solution with a Cross -shape Way, Its Necessary that Wire Are in Contact with Each Each. The We Pour The Rest of the Void with Concrete to the Very Top of the Trench, Under the Overall Level of the Earth. We Knock Down the Formwork with a Thickness of 20-25 Cm with A Thickness of 20-25 CM from the Boars, Connect the Boars with Each Other and Put upstaires Jam the FormWork with PEGS SO that when when IT does not shift. Pour The Same Solution as the Foundation. The top of the Solution is aligned with a trowel and then Iron on top with The Lever to Level The Slides and Fossa After the TROWEL.