Who is it so important to Drink Regularly Cucumber Juice

Cucumber is usually used in the Menu of Russian Families Quite Actively. But Few People Thow ABOUT MANY of Its usFul Properties. The Composition of the Cucumber Includes Not Ordinary, But Structureed Water, Which IS 95% of the Pulp. This Water is Called “Live”, Since Its Unusually Useful for the Body. In the Addition to Water, Humanity is not Known for Other Compound, the Ability to Stimulatte the Work of All Body Systems.

Composition and Beneficial Properties of Cucumber Juice.

Cucumber Juice Consists of Various Useful Elements. There are many vitamins – a, c, b, pp, and others, as well as essiential oils, iDine, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Tartronic Acid, Sodium, Chlorine, Iron, Magnesium and Pothassium. Thus Substances, Althrow Pressented in Cucumber Juice in Small Doses, Will Bring Invaluable Benefit for People Whites Their Health and Observe a Diet.

Cucumber Juice Is Offen Ussmetology. It contributes to the Normalization of Acid-Base Balance in the Skin. In the Treatment of Various Skin Diseases and Prevention to this Aspect, Special Attenation Is Paid to.

PEOPLE SUFFERING FROM Intestinal Diseases or Stomach, Blood Vessels Or Heart, Cucumber Willp To Maintain Afassium and Sodium Level. Cucumber is an Excellent Diuretic.

ALSO, Cucumber Juice IS Useful In Violation of Blood Pressure. It Stabilizes Both Low and High Blood Pressure. It is ALSO WORTH CONSUMBER JUICE with Coronary Heart Disease.

There are Many Recipes with Cucumber Juice in Folk Medicine. IT HELPS To Cure ULCERS, Wounds, thanks to Its Antimicrobial Action. With The Help of a Cucumber, Swelling IS Removed, Pain Is Relied with Colic and Hepatic Diseases. In General, They Advise You to Drink No More than A Glass of Cucumber Juice Per Day.

For Skin Care from Cucumber Juice, You Can Make Ice Cubes to then Your Face. This Will Make The Skin More Clean, Smooth and Align the Color.