How to Cook Cottage Checee Yousself

ABOUT THE BENEFITS of CALCIUM, Which Means, FIRST of All, Cottage Cheze, Now Only the Lazy Does Not Say. So We Will Prepare a Delicious Cake from it.

AS EVERYONE KNOWS, The CAKE CAN BE Consumed with Tea, Coffee, With Compote Or with Any Other Drink. Of Course, The Best To Drink Home -made Compote, As it is of Natural Origin and Contains a Lot of Nutriants. And if you think that comte can be pre -Prepared from From Fruits, The You Are Deeply Mistaken. For Example, On, You Can Find from Which Ingredents You Can Prepare Compote and How to Do It.

AFTER EVERYTHING IS Ready for the Use of the Cake, You Can Proced to Cooking.

A Total of Flour NEEDS A GLASS 2 (We Divide Into Equal Parts).

Sugar Powder Is Needed in the Amount of Three Glasses.

Egg Powder.

Cottage Cheese – 250 G.

Dairy Liquid 3 Cups.

Vanilin (For Cream) – 1 Package.

Oil Kremlin Packaging.

Lemonchik (Zest) – 1 PC.

Soda (gashhenaya)- 1 h. L.

For the Dungh, Mix Cottage Cheese, Eggs, Sugar and Soda in a Bowl, Leave At Room Temperature for Half An Hour, then Add Flour.

The Dung Will Turn Out Quite Sticky, Do Not Pour Flour! We Wrap it in a Film and Refrigerate the Clock for the Night, At Least 2-3 Hours.

Remove The Dawh and Divide it Into 6 Parts, Drink Your Hands with Flor and Form 5-6 Lumps, Send it refrigerator AGAIN.

We Take Out Balls One at a Time and the Must Be Rolled Out ABOUT 0.5 CM Thick.

We Bake Cakes on Bucking Paper or Silicone Rug, Preliminary Tape with a Fork, At a Temperature of 180 Degrees. It is Necessary to Bake Before The Formation of Brown Crust, But Without Fail, Focus on Your Oven.

When The Cooks Cool Down – We Give the Edges The Desired Shape.

The You Need to Start Cooking Cream. Mix Milk with Sugar and Put on the Stove, Beat the Eggs Separatly with Flour. When The Milk Boils, We Reduce the Fire as Much As Possible and Pour The Egg Mixture with A Thin Stream, Constantly Stirring. Cool The Cream and Add in Parts The Oil and Zest, Whipping Until Splender. We Grind the Cakes Densly. And Leave to Soak for a Couple of Hours.

Decoate with Scraps of Cakes, Nuts and Fruits if Desired.