Modern Suburban Construction

Today, More and More People Begun to Pay Attend to the Possibility of Suburban Construction. This is primarily due to the Environment Situation in Modern Cits and the Desire to Be Closer to Nature. A Person Is Increasingly Striving to Build HIS Dwellings AWAY FROM NOISY CITIES.

However, Such Construction Poses a Number of Issues to a Person, Which He Must Solve. Among them, The Choice of the Relevant Building Materials for the Construction of a Country House, Connecting aw Dweling to Engineering Networks, Autonomous Heating and Many Others. When Choining Building Material, More and More Preferences are given to the tree, and this is understandable. Wood Is Environmentally Friendly and Natural Material, and Construction Costs Are Significial Reduced.

For the Construction of Wooden Houses, The Following Materials Are Most Offten Used, A Profiled Timber, Awn Beam. Let’s Try to Consider Some Features of these Materials.

Profiled Beam is a Regular Sawn Beam That is Subjected to Special Processing on Machines that Provides Its Profile and Attractive Appe,. For Effective Protiation of Housing Construction from External Weather Conditions, The Beam Isen with a Thickness of At Least 20 CM.

Sawn Beam is a Wooden Beam that Has a Rectangular Cross Section with A Thickness of 75 Mm. Receive Such a Beam When Sawing Logs on a Pilram. A house Built from this Material Requires Additional Skin and Finishes, As Well as Possible Wall Insulation.