How to Choose Gloves for Your Wardrobe: Criteria

This Piece of Clothing Has Lost Its Original Meaning and Aristocratic Charm, Turning Into the Subject of the Clothes of Each Person. Now Gloves Are Ussed Mainly to Protect Your Hands from the Cold. But Gloves, In Addition to Warming the Palm, Also Hide the Hand, Masking Its Age, Various Defects or Absence of Manicure. And it is not for notHing that Gloves are usually Called – The Second Skin.

As an element of a Wardrobe Designed to Protect Hands and Beauty, Gloves Were Known in Antiquity, Even in the Ancient Egyptian PharaoHs Found Thwings Things Things. Initially, Gloves Were Made in the Form of Bags, The Gloves Resembeling MitTens Appeared, and Much Later in the Aristocratic Housents of the Ancient World, Five -fingered Gloves Beeganes to be used.

In the Middle Ages, MitTens Were More Common – Gloves Without Fingers. It is don Period That History of Gloves Acquire a Symbolic Meaning and Its in the Middle Image of Etique Is ForMed, Regarding Gloves. The Glove Was Awarded the Vassal as a Sign of Patronage, They Cold Quit Gloves in Order to Call to A Duel. The Glove that Knight Gavy the Lady Was a Symbol of Love, and Usually Wore Itar the Belt.

Gloves Were Especially Popular in the 19th Century. Girls from High Society Did Not Take Off the Gloves Throughhout the Day and, after the Next Couple Was Smeared, They Were Thrown Away. TheFore, All Wealthy Ladies Had More than 300 Pairs of Gloves. Typically, Such Gloves Were Made of Leather Young Lambs. Gloves NEVER FROWNED AND WERE VERY ELASTIC. IT WAS VERY Difficult to PUT ON SUCH GLOVES, and Usually A Special Tool Was Used for this.