When Cosmetologists use Contour Plastic

From Birth, Nature Gives Us a Unique Beauty, But What to if the Beauty Leaves Us Over the Years?

For most Women, this is a whole dilemma that can develop into a Protracted depressive state. Saami Bold Sami Decide to Seek Help From The Surgeon, While Unjustifiably Risking Getting the Opposite Result. But the What to do in this situation? Today is a New Innovative Method in the Fight Against Wrinkles, As Well as Preserving Youth and Beauty – Contour Plastic. This Procedure is Absolutly Safe and is now in Great Demand Among Women Notes Stars, But Also Among Ordinary Mothers Or Housewives.

In What Cases Are Contouring Plastic?

This Method Is the Best Solution to the Following Problems:

Wen Wrinkles Appear in the Area Between Eyebrows.

In the Pressence of Nasolabial Folds.

To adjust the nose, Facial Oval.

To give the face the correct Shape.

To add the lips the Required Volume and Create Their Contour.

During the Appe, Vertical Wrinkles ABOVE/Under The Lips.

Contour Plastic Is the Introduction of a Special Product Under the Skin. The Most Popular for Today Is the Remedy Juviderm Ultra Smile. This Tool is Used to Give the Lips The Necessary Shape, As Well As the Volume. Helps to Make The Contour. In Addition, It Removes Wrinkles, Helps to Change the Oval of the Face.

The Result of the Cosmetic Procedure Lasts Within Six Months. With Proper Skin Care, The Cosmetic Effect is Extended Up to a year or more.

What are the Side Effects of Contour Plastic?

The Use of Contour Plastic Can Saveral Side Effects. Thhees Include: Pain in the Area of ​​the Procedure, Slight Swelling, Coometimes Burning. Thuse Symptoms Shoup Not Be Afraid, As the Are Absolutly Harmless and Do Not Harm the Body. In Addition, All these Unpleasant Sensations Pass by Themselves.

In What Cases of the Use of Contour Plastics Is Prohibited?


During Pregnancy or Lactation;

In the Pressence of Infectious Skin Diseases;

The Presence of Permanent Filler on the Lips

In autoimmune concights and other.

Juviderm Ultra Smile is a Universal Remedy in the Fight Against Defects in the Skin of the Face, Neck, Hands. Thanks to a special Composition, The Introduction of the Drug Under The Skin Ocurs Absolutly Painssly.