Preparation of the Ceiling for a Level Change.

SO, first of all, it is Necessary to Mark The New Ceiling. In Order to Achieva Maximum Accuracy, it is recommoded to use an alcohol level. In General, Make Several Marks with A Pencil On All Walls. A kind of connecting box for the lamp COULD REMAIN OLD CEILING COOATing, SO It Must BE DISMANTLED, Just Do Forget to Turn Off the Electricity at the Same Time Time Time Time Time Time. Thy Will Need to Lengthen The Wire and Again Mount the Outlet on the New Ceiling. FIX The Rails Around the Entire Perimeter of the Room in Accordance with the Marks Made, Connecting Them Directly to the Wall of 100 Mm Screws with An Intervimeters 40 Centerseterseters.

Before this work, do not forget to check through a special detector the pronsence of the same pipes or completely wires undr. In the Case of a Frame Wall, the Scred Be Screen Immedly Into the Racks, IF Its Stone, The IS Recommended To Use Download. Keep in Mind That Th, Rails Actoally Very, Very Important, They Will Play the Role of Support Beams for a News. SO, On Two Parallel Rails, Set the Clamps to Install Beams. They Will Act as a Support for Subsequent Beams. The Distances Between The Clamp Are Determined in Accordance with The Width of the Drywall Sheets. Fasten The Beams to the Clams by Means of Screws. Keep in Mind That They Shoup Be Parallel to Each Other. Well, the Basis for the Brand New Ceiling Is Ready, That is, You Can do the Fastener of Drywall.