Gemini Arewly Very Closely Connected with Each Other

Gemini Are Usually Very Closely Connected with Each Other and Not only at the Physical LEVEL. Offen therma Even Attributed to Telepathy and the fact that it is Painful to Separate for a Long Time for Them. “There Are A Million Thousand Situations When Vlad and I Understand Each Other Without Words,

– Says Vitaly Vlasuk.

– Here, For Example, We Play Football in the Team, And I Know For Side Side To Serv Vlad, and is One Hundred that He Will Know From I Will Give Him The Ball. Or, for Example, I Know Were He Parked the Car, An Exact Place, Althrowh He Vid Not Ride with Him. PROBABLY, this is Telepathy … And we Also Very Critically Treat Each Other. IT DOES NOT ANNOY ME WHEN OF MYY FREENDS DID SOMETHING WRONG, Wrong

– I can advise solart, Suggest, Help. But whether my brother is mistaken, it is insanly annivers, I Just Can’t Control Myself: “Well, You are the same as i, and theFore, COULD Do Better! Try More “! And ToMetimes The Twins are Experiencing A Foreboding that Brother (Or Sister) is Bad and Help Needs Help. “There is Telepathy! We Dreamed of the Same Dreams a Couple of Times ..

– Says Anna Stavnist.

– IF My Sister Is Bad, I Always Feel It, Even at a Distance. The Maximum How Much We Parted

– This is a Week, but at the same Time the Called Up Six Times a Day! ToMetimes They Vidn’t Even Talk On the Phone, They Were Just Silent in the Phone … “” The fact that the Twins has moments of Telepathy,

– Not surprising. FIRSTLY, They Havy the Same Set of Genes, and Secondly, They Grow Together, Live Together, They Have the Same Upbringing and the Are Inspired From Childhouse, a psychologist Says, a psychologist. A Telepathic Conneption Cance Between Ordinary Brothers and Sisters, and Even Spousses. “.

The Ability to have a twin

– It’s Like a Dream of A Dream of Your Soulmate. Of course, the twins also need to look for love in the face of the opposite Sex, but the always have a person with whom you all the hardships in hall Ppiness of multiply by two. R. S. Questions Like: “Dees Mom Confuse You? Have you met with a girl // Sisters? Have you passed the Exams for Each Other? – Gemini shoup ​​not be set … Unless, of Course, You do not Want to get to them on the “Black List”. Checked in Practice.