Warm Floor IS Usoally Ussed in Two Ways.

It is used as the Main Heating and as in Addition to What Alread. FIRST YOUNED to REMOVE EVERYTHING FROM THE ROOM SOTTHETTHING IS in the Way. The Old Floor Is Removed and You Need to Make a Screen From a Cement Sand Solution, The Thickness Shoup Be Five Centers. As a Solution Dries, You Need to Lay A Protective Layer. It is Necessary to ImmediaTely Determine What Floor SHOULD Be HeATED to DETERMINE, You NEED to be DETERMINED SOS NOT To Heat Under the Furniture. SINCE THE CONSTRUCTION WORK RECURES ALLOWANCE, IN MOSCOW YOU CAN ORDER ANSTALLLMENT TIME.

AFTER DETERMINING THE PLACE On the Floor, The Heating Cable is Laid out. The Cable Canate from A Snake Spiral and Other All Kinds of. The Cable Shoup Not Come Intact with Each Other and Shoup Not Intersect. The Heating Cable Must BE Laid at a Temperature of At Least Plus Five Degrees Otherwise the Cable Will Be Very Touchh. You Need to Put the Cable A Little On the Stretch, But Before that, Check So that it is not twisted. If the Cable Becomes Tough for it Can be Incloud in the Network for a Short Time. In Order to Measure the Temperature, The Temperature Sensor is Always Set. Next, The Cable is Fixed with An Mounting Ribbon and Pourd with A Solution.

When Pouring a Cable, You Need To Ensure that Are No Voods Around the Cable. The Cable Cannot Be Applied to the Voltage Until The Solution Completly Dries. After the Solution is Dried, The Flooring is Laid Either Linoleum or Laminate Or Any Other Flooring.